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Antidumping measures to be assessed in new public interest cases

By April 16, 2019 No Comments

The Brazilian Government recently initiated (April 5) three public interest cases, in which the Public Interest Technical Group (GTIP) will evaluate whether antidumping measures imposed to different products should be maintained or suspended, taking into consideration aspects relating to national interests, such as inflation and other economic indicators.

The products involved are thermoplastic polypropylene resin (PP resin) imported from the USA[1], South Africa, South Korea and India[2][3], metallic magnesium imported from China[4] and Russia[5][6], and cast-iron tubes for pipes imported from China, UAE and India[7][8]. The latter refers to an ongoing antidumping case, which still has not been terminated.

Mr. Lucas Ferraz, the current Secretary of Foreign Trade, has been proactive in the area of Trade Remedy. His actions seem to indicate a change in the way the new government will deal with trade remedy cases, shifting the role of protagonist to GTIP, which can result in more technical analyses and perhaps less protectionist measures.

Parties interested in monitoring and/or participating in these cases should contact Sidera at ad@sideraconsult.com.

[1] CAMEX Resolution Nº104, October 31th 2016 extended the antidumping – http://pesquisa.in.gov.br/imprensa/jsp/visualiza/index.jsp?data=01/11/2016&jornal=1&pagina=6&totalArquivos=112

[2] CAMEX Resolution Nº75, August 27th 2014 applied the antidumping – http://pesquisa.in.gov.br/imprensa/jsp/visualiza/index.jsp?data=28/08/2014&jornal=1&pagina=3&totalArquivos=132

[3] Circular Nº 18, April 3th 2019 establishes the public interest case – http://www.in.gov.br/materia/-/asset_publisher/Kujrw0TZC2Mb/content/id/70266152

[4] CAMEX Resolution of Nº91, September 24th 2015 extended the antidumping – http://pesquisa.in.gov.br/imprensa/jsp/visualiza/index.jsp?data=25/09/2015&jornal=1&pagina=30&totalArquivos=212

[5] CAMEX Resolution Nº18, March 27th 2018 applied the antidumping – http://pesquisa.in.gov.br/imprensa/jsp/visualiza/index.jsp?data=28/03/2018&jornal=515&pagina=11&totalArquivos=194

[6] Circular Nº 17, April 3th 2019 establishes the public interest case – http://www.in.gov.br/materia/-/asset_publisher/Kujrw0TZC2Mb/content/id/70266154

[7] Circular Nª 18, May 8th 2018 establishes the beginning of investigation – http://pesquisa.in.gov.br/imprensa/jsp/visualiza/index.jsp?data=08/05/2018&jornal=515&pagina=20&totalArquivos=126

[8] Circular Nº 19, April 3th 2019 establishes the public interest case http://www.in.gov.br/materia/-/asset_publisher/Kujrw0TZC2Mb/content/id/70266151

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