Denise Ribas

Denise is currently a Brazilian Law student at Ibmec-SP.

She was selected to be the class representative, and was awarded the Ibmec Education Stars Award for academic achievement twice.

She has had an interest in Law and International Relations from an early age, being exposed to global issues and different cultures daily at her international middle and high school.

There, she received, twice, the title of Marshall, awarded to the top ten students. In 2014, she received the President’s Education Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

She has been involved in a series of social service activities since 2014, most of which in the field of education, a perfect blend of her love for reading and helping others.

During her first year of undergraduate studies at Ibmec, she completed the course Law by Design, aimed at generating innovation in legal services, resulting in making law more accessible and efficient to the general population.

She is fluent in Portuguese and English.

Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree, Denise plans to start an L.L.M. in Corporate Law.