Fernanda Gianesella

Fernanda believes that trade and sustainability are intertwined and co-dependent, and one can only grow so much without the other. Markets and private actors are demanding sustainability, and sustainable trade relies on the balance of coherence, convergence and market access to be implemented.

After completing her law degree at São Paulo University Law School (USP), this belief led her to pursue a career in international trade and regulatory issues through FGV’s international trade think tank, working closely with governmental agencies and private institutions. When the CGTI became WTO Chair in 2014, she became the coordinator of environment and sustainability in trade in Brazil.

Since 2012 she has worked with sustainability issues and bottlenecks in different product and service sectors, most recently in chemicals, cosmetics, agricultural products, green energy, e-commerce, inclusive trade, global value chains integration and voluntary sustainability standards (VSS). Her work integrates these issues with the international context and insertion, always connecting them with FTAs and WTO matters, specifically with respect to normative barriers to trade, VSS, TBT and SPS regulation.

Master’s Degree, International Trade and Environmental Law by Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

Workshop on WTO Dispute Settlement at WTO/FGV ( 2015, 2016 and 2017)

Bachelor of Law by Universidade de São Paulo(USP)