Oren Saggiv

Member of Sidera Consult global team and head of the Israel branch, Oren is a licensed private investigator since 1997 and dedicated to complex investigations and intelligence gathering since 2009.

With experience and background in government security and intelligence for the state of Israel.

Captain (Res) in the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) team leader in the MIA (Missing In Action) investigation unit. Having served in the IDF between 1982-1987 as a combat explosives specialist and officer, and later in the ISA (Israeli governmental security agency), where he operated mostly in the areas of covert protection and intelligence missions in Israel and Europe. During his six years’ service in the agency, Oren was living and operating in a variety of cultures and environments and prides himself on being very adaptable and creative.

Since 1994 Oren has been operating mostly in the civil area.

He is a graduate from The University of Tel Aviv with a major in Western history and Philosophy and continues to develop his skills and his staff to carry out complex and challenging projects worldwide. Oren has lived and worked in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia for a total of 7 years between 1994-2009 and is very familiar with the languages, culture, and Modus Operandi of criminal or fraudulent segments of the society.

Mr. Saggiv is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Hebrew.