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Angelica Delgado

Angelica completed her studies with a technical degree in Marketing and Sales, followed by an International Business degree from the University of Santo Tomás, in Bucaramanga, Colombia, and is currently doing her postgraduate studies in International Law at the Faculty of Arnaldo of Belo Horizonte. Angelica is both an incredibly personable and empathetic, in addition to being a dynamic and ambitious person. Her competitive nature allows her to excel and achieve every goal.

At Sidera, her first role was as an intern and part of the company’s International Internship Program. Graduating from her internship, she took on the responsibility of supporting the Trade and Market Access teams on a full-time basis. She now advises and monitors international trade investigations, cases of dumping, safeguards, and subsidies, with a focus in Latin America. Additionally, she supports global companies and organizations that require knowledge of markets to overcome specific market access issues or even enhance their business’s scope.

Recently, she participated in the “Ojos en el Mundo” (“Eyes in the World”) project, supporting different commercial sectors of Colombia with the help of the ProColombia team, occupying one of the first places among the market researchers awarded by the organization. The goal was to help companies strengthen their exports not only in quantity but also in value. In the same way, she also took part in the business macro-wheel of EXPOALADI carried out by the Latin American Integration Association to strengthen international trade among the 13 member countries.

Angelica is a native of Colombia and fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

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