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Anti-Dumping Case in Argentina Concerning Imports of Radiators from Italy, China, and Spain

By July 19, 2018August 20th, 2018No Comments

The National Commission for Foreign Trade in Argentina has opened an anti-dumping case on the imports of aluminum radiators used for central heating and non-electric heating, originating from China, Spain, and Italy. The agency asserts that there is sufficient evidence to link injury to the Argentinian industry of aluminum radiators with imports from these countries.

Sales prices in the domestic market of China, Italy, and Spain were gathered, along with information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture, to establish the “normal value”  and enable an appropriate comparison of prices. The FOB export price was obtained from import statistics supplied by the Directorate of Foreign Trade Monitoring, under the National Trade Facilitation Office of the Secretariat of Commerce.

The agency stated that the presumed margins of dumping for the present investigation are as follows: 166.98% for the original export operations of Spain; 180.38% for exports of Italy; and 92.84% for the exports of China. The volume of imports increased in absolute terms and in relation to the national production from 2016 to 2017. The report stated that imports from these countries are gaining an increasing market share, which has successfully displaced the national product.

Companies involved in the radiator industry across these regions could benefit from hiring experts in the field of international trade to conduct research on how developments in the case could potentially affect their businesses. This enables companies to receive help in successfully navigating any changes resulting from the anti-dumping case, and plan to optimize their operations considering such changes.  


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