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Antidumping investigation:

By June 24, 2016July 6th, 2016No Comments

Antidumping investigation: definitive duties on imports of PVC canvas from Korea and China

The Brazilian Government published today an official notice terminating the antidumping investigation of Brazilian imports of PVC Canvas, classified under NCM 3921.90.19, when originating in Korea and China.

A high number of respondents, including sampled and non-sampled exporters, participated in the process.

Antidumping duties are valid for 5 years and are valid from June 24.

Origin Producer/exporter Antidumping duty (US$/kg)
Korea Hanwha Polydreamer Co., Ltd. 0,93
Starflex. Co., Ltd. 0,29
3M Korea Ltd.

Ilshin Tarpaulin Co.

Wonpoong Cheong-Ju Factory.

Wonpoong Corporation.

Others 0,93
China Haining Fuxing Compound New Material Co., Ltd 2,12
Shanghai Nar Industrial Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Ganglong New Material Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co., Ltd.
Casio Electronics Shenzhen Co. Ltd.

Ellevision Inc.

Fujian Sijia Industrial Material Co., Ltd.

Goldensign International Technology Co., Ltd.

Haining Bloom Advance Tarpaulin Material Co. Ltd.

Haining Flex Trading Co.,Ltd.

Haining Hongyuan Technical Textiles Co.,Ltd.

Haining Jinda Coating Co., Ltd.

Haining Ruifeng Plastic Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Daily Houseware Products Co.,Ltd.

Hangzhou H.D.L. New Material Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Hongze New Material Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Soyang Technologies Co.,Ltd

others 2,31

The measure came into force today.

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