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Antidumping Investigation on:

By May 1, 2016May 25th, 2016No Comments

N-Butanol imports original from South Africa and Russia

The Brazilian Secretary of Foreign Trade (SECEX) published today an Official Notice regarding the antidumping investigation of N-Butanol exported from South Africa and China.

According to Notice 28, the deadline for the conclusion of the investigation was extended for 8 months as from November 11 2016.

Additionally, the Notice stated that the preliminary determination of the investigation was positive and recommended the application of provisional duties. According to SECEX, there was casual link between the South African and Russian exports of the product and the alleged injury suffered by the domestic industry them during the period of the investigation.

Now, the Chamber of Foreign Trade (CAMEX) must approve SECEX recommendation of provisional duties. In approved, the application of such duties will be reported at Sidera’s website.

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