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Antidumping Investigation on:

By May 1, 2016September 28th, 2016No Comments

Automotive Glass imports from China

The Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade through its Secretary of Foreign Trade (SECEX/MDIC) published today, May 10 2016, Official Notice 26 with the preliminary determination regarding the antidumping investigation on exports of automotive glasses from China.

The Notice made public the decision to extend the deadline for the conclusion of the investigation for 8 months as from November 11 2016. Additionally, the document reinforced the Department’s decision to use Mexico as the surrogate market for matters of calculating the normal value.

Regarding the application of provisional duties, the notice stated that the preliminary determination was positive, meaning that, according to the Ministry, there was a causal relation between the Chinese imports and the alleged injury suffered by the national industry during the period of investigation. The application of such duties requires an approval of the Chamber of Foreign Trade (CAMEX).

If approved by CAMEX, the application of preliminary duties will be reported at Sidera’s webpage.

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