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Antidumping Investigation:

By June 9, 2016June 21st, 2016No Comments

Antidumping Investigation on flat steel bars (NCM 7228.30.00) originating from China

The Ministry of Industry, Services and Foreign Trade through its Secretary of Foreign Trade (SECEX/MDIC) published on June 09, 2016 an Official Notice with the preliminary determination regarding the antidumping investigation of flat steel bars exported from China.

The Notice made public the decision of using United States of America as surrogate country, since Brazil has not granted the market economy status to China yet.

Regarding the application of provisional duties, the preliminary determination of the investigation was negative, and according to SECEX, there was no causal link between the exports of the product originating from China and the alleged injury suffered by the national industry during the period of the investigation.

Additionally, SECEX has concluded that both demand contraction and the exports of flat steel bars from Turkey was the actual cause of the the injury suffered by the domestic industry.

Source (page 41)

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