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Antidumping on Brazilian Imports of Frozen Potatoes: reduction of anti-dumping duty levels

The Executive Management Committee (Gecex) of the Brazilian Chamber of Foreign Trade (Camex) published on May 30, 2017 an Official Notice with the revised antidumping duties imposed on the Brazilian imports of frozen potatoes from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

The Government stated that it had found some inaccuracies in the undercutting calculation methodology, specially referring to the domestic industry prices and CIF prices. The new antidumping duties are:

Country Producer/Exporter Previous Antidumping Duty Revised Antidumping Duty
Germany Agrarfrost GMBH & Co. 59,1 39,7
Wernsing Feinkost GMBH 6,5 6,3
Schne – Frost Ernst Schnetkamp GMBH & CO 55,2 40,5
Others 59,1 43,2
Belgium Clarebout Potatoes NV 11,7 9,4
Mydibel SA 9,9 8,4
Agristo NV, Bart’s Potato Company, Eurofreez NV, Farm Frites Belgium NV 13,3 11,2
others, except Ecofrost SA and Lutosa SA 24,8 17,2
France All companies, except McCain Alimentaire SAS 133,2 78,9
The Netherlands Agristo BV 13,2 11,5
Bergia Distributiebedrijven BV 41,4 41,4
Aviko BV, Lamb Weston Meijer VOF, Mondial Foods BV, Oerlemans Foods Nederland BV 37,2 28,7
others, except Farm Frites BV and McCain Foods Holland BV 96,9 73,6

The measure came into force on May 30, 2017.

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