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Breaking Trade Restrictions

We can help you by designing and implementing a strategy to remove any trade barrier that is impacting your business.
We can offer your business
  • Trade Remedies (Dumping, Safeguards and Subsidies)
    • Normal Value Determination
    • Non-Injury and Non-Causality Economic Analysis
    • Market-Economy Status Requests
    • Order Suspension based on Public Interest Arguments
    • Negotiation of Price Undertaking or Suspension Agreements
    • Product-Exclusion Studies
    • Restitution Pleas
    • Simulation of Antidumping Duties
  •  Sectoral evaluation of existing and potential tariff and non-tariff barriers.
  • Trade Facilitation
  • Commercial Diplomacy
  • Antitrust/Competition
Not sure what some of these terms mean?
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