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The President of Argentina, Mr. Mauricio Macri, and the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. José Serra, met on May 23, 2016, in Buenos Aires, to discuss Brazil – Argentina bilateral relations and signed a Memorandum of understandings on the establishment of the Brazil-Argentina Political Coordination Mechanism.

The main purpose of the document is to create a bilateral forum to share views on topics on the bilateral, regional, and global agendas, and pay close attention to strategic integration projects in areas that are considered priority.

According to the Argentinian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Susana Malcorra, the meeting established new trends in the relations between the two countries. Topics such as the position on EU-Mercosur free trade agreement were also discussed in the meeting.

Mr. Serra believes that Argentina should be the main Brazilian trade partner in Latin America, due to the recently convergence of political and economic position of both Mercosur’s economies.

Mr. Macri stated that he believes in the importance of free trade and intends to focus on the Mercosur-European FTA. Mr. Serra seems to agree with Mr. Macri on this point, so expectations are that the memorandum of understanding will help in the negotiations of FTA within Mercosur, especially with the European Union, finally in a somewhat advanced phase of negotiation. Two new exchange of offers are expected until the end of the year.


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