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Brazil as an Opportunity for China

China intends to increase its investments in Brazil in the following years. According to the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. José Serra, during the G-20 meeting, China showed willingness in strengthening its relation with Brazil.

There is no doubt that China has become a very important trade partner for Brazil throughout the last years. However, Brazilian exports still face many trade barriers when entering the Chinese market. Both Brazil and China could highly benefit from a more open market. Expectations are that with a more pro-trade position, Brazil shall look for enhancing trade talks, solving current obstacles faced by exporters when accessing the Chinese market, and also setting rules for the upcoming Chinese investments in the country.

According to a study performed by Dealogic Consultancy, China has invested a total of US$ 10,6 billion in Brazil during the period of January to August 2016, approximately the double of the amount invested in the first semester of 2015.

Although Chinese investments in Brazilian companies have been increasing, there is still space for more. Brazil and China trade relations reflect great business opportunities to both countries. Therefore, it is expected that the Brazilian Government continue to pursuit the establishment of trade deals with China.


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