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Brazil continues Anti-dumping and Countervailing Measures Investigation against Hot Rolled Steel from China

The Foreign Trade Secretariat from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Services has preliminarily concluded that actionable subsidies exist and cause injury to the domestic industry for products originating from China. Despite recognising this, they do not yet recommend, the provisional application of countervailing measures. This may indicate that they will apply anti-dumping and countervailing measures for the first time in Brazilian history of trade defence.

However, the measure will certainly impact negatively upon the production chain considering that a cost increase would undermine competition, giving the national steelmakers the opportunity to raise prices, something that constitutes a basic source for the development and production of a wide range of products in Brazil.

Were it to be enforced, this outcome would be harmful to Brazilian domestic industry, which is sensitive to fluctuations in the price of hot rolled steel products.


The products under investigation are classified under the following tariff codes:


7208.10.00,7208.25.00, 7208.26.10, 7208.26.90, 7208.27.10, 7208.27.90,

7208.36.10, 7208.36.90, 7208.37.00, 7208.38.10, 7208.38.90,7208.39.10, 7208.39.90, 7208.40.00, 7208.53.00, 7208.54.00,

7208.90.00, 7225.30.00 e 7225.40.90


Additionally, the deadline for a final decision has been postponed for 6 months starting 21st November ,2017.

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News by Marilia Borges

Revised by Tal-Baker Phillips

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