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Brazilian Fresh Beef Exports to the U.S. Re-Established after 15 Years

The first Brazilian fresh beef container has been shipped to the United Sates by the local company Marfrig Global Foods’ unit based in Mato Grosso do Sul. Although Brazil is already a steady exporter of cooked beef to the U.S., this is the first fresh beef export to the United States after fifteen years, which has been facilitated by the signing of the food safety trade equivalence agreement between the two governments in August 2016.

Brazil is considered to be the world’s largest beef exporter and, thanks to this two-way trade deal, Brazil will be able to export fresh beef from all parts of the country to the United States. It is expected that the agreement will boost Brazil’s exports to the U.S. by almost US$ 900 million.

A long-awaited agreement on beef exports between the two countries represents a great opportunity for Brazil not only to increase its exports to the U.S., but also to regain access to other important markets, such as Japan and South Korea, which have banned all beef imports since mad cow disease in 2012. On the other hand, the Brazilian market also offers a long-term potential for the U.S. beef exporters.


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