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Ceará Free Trade Zone Receives Recognition from the Financial Times

By October 21, 2016No Comments

Ceará Free Trade Zone Highly Recommended to Foreign Investors by the Financial Times

According to the latest recently published Financial Times’ FDI Intelligence Report , the Ceará Free Trade Zone is one of the world’s most important areas for foreign investors.

Installed in an area of 4,271 hectars, the Pecém Free Trade Zone, commonly known as the Ceará Free Trade Zone, was created in June of 2010, after the approval from the National Council of Free Trade Zones. It integrates Pecém Industrial and Port Complex, in the municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante, around 60 km from the city of Fortaleza.

The Financial Times’ annual report on Foreign Direct Investments highlights business opportunities in various sectors, including the opportunities in free trade zones. In its current edition, the Ceará Free Trade Zone was pointed out as a highly recommended project for foreign investors, which is set to expand by more than 21 million square meters.

Recent reforms within the Brazilian Chamber of Foreign Trade, including the creation of a new committee specifically dedicated to fostering foreign Investments (CONINV – Comitê Nacional de Investimentos), clearly demonstrate that Brazil is opening up to foreign trade and investments. The recognition that was given to the Ceará Free Trade Zone by the FDI intelligence Repot will surely contribute to this trend and generate more opportunities for investments, not only in the awarded free zone, but also in all of Brazil.


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