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Colombia Initiates Antidumping Investigation on Frozen Potatoes Imports

An antidumping investigation was initiated on August 03, 2017, by the Colombian Government on imports of frozen potatoes originating from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, classified under the tariff code 2004.10.00.00. Producers affected are the ones that exported to Colombia between July 2016 and July 2017.

According to the Notice, the alleged antidumping margins are:

Origin Specific Dumping Margin Ad Valorem Dumping Margin
Belgium 0,10 USD/Kg 13,7%
The Netherlands 0,12 UDS/Kg 15,58%
Germany 0.165 UDS/Kg 22,45%

For more information and formal deadlines related to this case, please contact Sidera’s team.



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