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Expand Brazil’s Stake in the International Fruit market

Brazil is resuming its efforts to expand its share in Germany’s fruit market. According to the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency,(APEX), Germany is strategically important for Brazil’s exports, since the country has an impressive consumption of 4.5 million tons of fruit annually.

Currently, only 4% of Brazilian fruit exports head to Germany every year due to the difficulties of complying with the elaborate market regulations in addition to the technical difficulties of delivering high quality products. The Brazilian Association of fruit growers of the North of the State of Minas Gerais (Abanorte) stated that it intends to resume fruit quality studies by the end of this year, with the help of United States experts. 

Apex sees great potential for Brazil in Germany’s fruit market and has identified seasonal “windows” in the offers from countries which currently lead fruit imports to Germany, such as Spain, Italy and Colombia.




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