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Extinction of trade remedies:

By June 24, 2016July 6th, 2016No Comments

Extinction of trade remedies: imports of Polymeric MDI from China and United States

Based on a formal plea made by Sidera Consult, The Chamber of Foreign Trade (CAMEX) has officially published the decision of extinguishing the antidumping duties to Brazilian imports of polymeric MDI, classified under item 3909.30.20 of the NCM, when originated in China and the US.

The duties were in force since 2012, but suspended by the Public Interest Group in 2015 due to the interruption of polymeric MDI production by its only former national producer, Bayer S.A.

Imports from any country are officially subject to a 14% tariff, but can currently be made with a 2% tariff according to certain quotas established until October 27, 2016.

Source (page 57)

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