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Fostering Brazilian wind energy equipment Sector Exports

By July 4, 2016July 6th, 2016No Comments

On the second semester of 2016, a project to foster the Brazilian exports of wind turbines will be launched. The initiative is led by three important Brazilian associations: Wind Energy Association (Abeeólica); Brazilian Association of Machines and Equipment (Abimaq) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

According to the President of Abeeólica, Mrs. Elbia Gannoum, today, Brazil has seven producers of wind turbines. The wind turbines, produced by the national industries, have an effective capacity of producing 2.800 mw/year. However, Brazilian economy demands only 2.000 mw/year of wind energy. According to Mrs. Gannoum, the wind turbines that are not used to generate energy for the Brazilian economy could be exported to Latin-America neighbors.

Studies developed by Apex have shown that countries such as Uruguay, Chile and Peru present, together, a demand for wind power of 3.000 mw/year and, for that reason, are expanding their investments in this kind of energy. Apex has also identified Mexico, Colombia, United Stated, Singapore and African countries as possible destinations for the Brazilian exports of wind turbines.

According to Mr. Roberto Veiga, Abimaq´s President, the Brazilian industry is capable of producing high-standard devices for wind power generation. Nonetheless, high logistics costs and the relatively low use this kind of energy in Brazil jeopardize the industry´s competiveness. Therefore, export to expanding markets can motivate the sector’s competitiveness.

Producers of this sector report that the main barriers to export remain the excess of bureaucracy and the logistic constraints. Despite all the classic difficulties to export, the diversification of exports represents an opportunity for Brazilian producers of wind turbines to go global.


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