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Hernany Veytia

    From the very beginning of her career, Hernany became enthusiastic about the interdisciplinary and empirical approach to international business transactions.  Nowadays Hernany takes a whole-life approach to infrastructure in remote locations for the agro-industry, energy and mining sector -from design to construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning- focusing on ensuring that infrastructure assets provide the best value throughout their life.

    Hernany bridges the gap between law and the scientific research and commercial industries. She has lived in more than twenty countries and is in a unique position to develop, trial, and deliver new robust, resilient and adaptable technologies, legal and business solutions that offer real value to the construction and infrastructure industry in remote locations.    

    She has been Chief Counsel for Business Transactions and Daimler and Chrysler, and partner at Deloitte consulting firm. She is frequently appointed as arbitrator, lawyer, expert witness, and government consultant. She has participated in more than 180 arbitrations, including high-value international arbitrations in Paris, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru, Hong Kong, London, Italy, Spain, and Singapore.   She also has been a very active advisor of international organisations (UNIDROIT correspondent, a delegate at UNCITRAL, FAO and IFAD). She is also a retired law professor, author of more than 200 publications,  and frequent speaker in industry summits.


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