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High Antidumping Duties

By June 10, 2016June 21st, 2016No Comments

The fiscal auditor Mr. Paulo Roberto Ximenes Pedrosa has stated that the amount of money collected by antidumping duties in Brazil has increased in almost 58% in comparison with 2014.

According to Mr. Pedrosa, the money is directed to an especial fund for the development of monitoring activities (Fundaf). In addition, part of the money may also be directed to the Ministry of Foreign Trade to pay part of the costs of the administrative expenses.

The increase in the revenues collected by Brazil with antidumping duties in 2015 reveals a more protectionist tendency by the former Government. With the new Administration, it is expected that the number of new antidumping cases might decrease, since the Temer Direction is more liberal and less protectionist than its predecessor.


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