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Jim Stothard

Jim Stothard has an impressive resume of major projects worldwide. He is a financial crime and corporate risk subject matter expert who has worked for the UK Armed Forces, the Police and the British Government before working with consultancy firms including the UK’s biggest conduct risk and corporate governance firm, establishing their financial crime and risk team.

He started his career in the Military Police conducting serious investigations on behalf of HM Forces, NATO and the United Nations. After a long career in HM Forces, Jim joined the UK Police and quickly established himself as a specialist investigator of multi jurisdiction complex organized crime.

Jim then transferred to Central Government responsible for stakeholder engagement, operational management and delivery of a multi-agency organized crime financial investigation task force consisting of investigators, intelligence officers, surveillance teams and analysts from the UK Home and Foreign Office, New Scotland Yard and The National Crime Agency. During this time, he was also the specified point of contact for witness protection throughout the UK.

Since leaving HM Government and entering the private sector, Jim has worked with a wide array of corporate clients conducting global process and control reviews on behalf of risk management committees including Goldman Sachs, Amblin Partners, Disney, Ernst and Young, KPMG and a number of banks across Africa as well as alternative investment funds and private equity firms.

He has personally led projects and worked in the USA, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Dubai, Africa, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, Libya, Russia, the Ukraine and The Lebanese Republic. He has also been a guest speaker for the UK Cabinet Office.

In his private time, Jim is a keen golfer, runs a podcast which has an audience in 20 countries and enjoys family holidays with his wife and 4 daughters.

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