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Leonardo Baumgratz

Leonardo Baumgratz is a Market Access Associate at Sidera Consult.

He is primarily involved with matchmaking global companies and supporting trade promotion Governmental Agencies in their endeavours of sponsoring businesses in search of market access.

Previously, Mr. Baumgratz worked at a relevant Brazilian association supporting its members with all matters related to commercial diplomacy in Latin America, Europe, and South Africa.

His adventurous spirit constantly pushes him to travel to different parts of the globe, where he is always excited to learn about new cultures. In 2012, he spent a month in Mexico learning Spanish, eating delicious tacos and enjoying the local culture. In 2017, he explored the Irish Highlands during a 6-month exchange program and found his true love for International Relations.

Besides being a proactive and creative person, Leonardo’s versatile personality enabled a solid professional foundation. In addition, his communicative and cooperative nature allows for a smooth interaction with Sidera’s global team, spread over many different countries.

Mr. Baumgratz graduated in International Trade from the Universidade Feevale in Brazil and is currently pursuing a Master’s of International Relations from Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV.

Leonardo is a native speaker of Portuguese and fluent in English and Spanish.

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