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Mauro Mantica

Mauro has been supporting Sidera with its European desk in the projects relating to Italian investors in their setups in Brazil and consumer goods distribution.

He graduated with a degree in Economics from the Bocconi University of Milan, he currently lives and works in Brazil since 1997. He recently managed the startup of the São Paulo headquarters of the European Institute of Design, directed a communication agency of Italian origin, among other deals. In both cases, it was a startup of subsidiaries of Italian companies, that involved: creation and training of efficient teams aligned with the corporate culture, choice of suppliers, adaptation of products to the characteristics of the Brazilian market, definition, implementation of marketing and sales strategies, administrative and financial attraction, and management.

At the end of 2018, he founded “Update Brazil Consulting,” a consulting company that supports greenfield and M & A investments in Brazil by analyzing new and existing markets, mapping and selection for local partners, due diligence, legal, tax, and administrative advice.

He is the leader of the São Paulo Bocconi Alumni Community, a global peer-to-peer organization too.

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