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The government accepted the proposal to create an Export Processing Zone (EPZ) in the port of Açu, Rio de Janeiro. The area will facilitate the production of goods destined for foreign trade without any federal taxes being imposed upon them. Currently, there are 24 such EPZs (Export Processing Zone) in operation in the country.

The Açu Port ZPE plan was proposed by the government of Rio de Janeiro, which wants to explore an area of 182.2 hectares in the industrial district of São João da Barra, a stretch of land adjoining the port. The idea is to deliver the area to a investor, who will contribute R$ 40.6 million to implement the project.

According to the MDIC (Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade), the EPZs aim to strengthen the country’s balance of payments, increase the competitiveness of Brazilian exports and generate jobs.

“The creation of the Açu EPZ represents a historic and relevant moment for Rio de Janeiro”, said Minister of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services, Marcos Pereirarna.

A pilot project to be installed on an EPZ involves trialing an ornamental rock cladding processing plant. This was approved today in the council of EPZ, presided over by Pereira, though the issue of attaining a presidential decree still remains.

The board meeting also extended deadlines for the EPZs in Ilhéus (BA) and Parnaíba (PI) to prove the completion of their works and changes made to the administrative structure of the Pecém EPZ. The companies installed in them have obtained 80% of their revenues in the foreign market. When they sell to the domestic market, they collect the same taxes collected from non-EPZ companies.

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