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Ministry’s of Finance Position on Anti-Dumping Measures

By April 17, 2017April 24th, 2017No Comments

Brazilian Ministry of Finance to Take Stricter Position on the Approval of Antidumping Measures

The Secretary of International Matters of the Brazilian Ministry of Finance (MF), Mr. Marcello Estevão, has recently informed that Ministry is to adopt a stricter position regarding antidumping measures, and that is to rigorously evaluate if the proposed measures do not present a threat or guide the Brazilian economy in the wrong direction.

The statement comes amid the Secretary’s negative comments in relation to Brazil being the world leader in applying antidumping measures and non-tariff barriers in the period between 2013 and 2016.

The Secretary stressed that the stricter stance is not yet a government-wide policy, and recalled that the Ministry of Finance has only one of seven votes in the Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex), the body responsible for adopting trade protection mechanisms. He also pointed out that the intent of the economic team is to change this scenario. “We will not vote just because everyone is voting in favor of these measures,” Mr. Estevão affirmed.


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