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During the Global Agribusiness Forum in São Paulo on July 5 2016, the Minister of Foreign Relations, Mr. José Serra, advocated that Brazil should foster commercial ties with China, Africa and Iran. The Minister acknowledges that China is one of the main destination of Brazil exports, defining China as a “priority” for negotiations. Mr. Serra stated that he also intends to create a specific area in the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) for fostering negotiations with this country.

Analyzing Brazilian trade statistics for the past few years, Mr. Serra pointed out the importance of some Brazilian partners to trade. Firstly, he drew attention to the relevance of the Chinese market, which imports great part of the Brazilian food exports. Secondly, Mr. Serra highlighted the fact that Sub-Saharan Africa has grown faster than South America in the past few years and, for that reason, it may offer great opportunities to Brazilian companies. Furthermore, The Minister recognised that, after the end of the political and economic sanctions, Iran has a great potential to trade that needs to be further explored by Brazil.

In this regard, Mr. Serra acknowledged that this moment presents a great opportunity for Brazil to reduce its exports costs through the improvement of national logistics and the reduction of bureaucracy in the country’s foreign trade. In his perception, such measures would enhance the competitiveness of national producers and foster Brazilian exports, heating the country’s economy.


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