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Nelson Maler

    Nelson Maler received his license in international commerce since the year 1984. He developed as a manager in different sectorial business chambers and is a teacher in business organizations and for the ministry of industry. He is also an author of the book “Guia Pymex,” edited by the world bank. Nelson is a specialist in SME businesses and worked in management before official and private agencies.


    Nelson Maler is a graduate  in “International Trade” from UADE University , Buenos Aires  since 1984.

    He developed as Manager in many sectorial Chambers of Commerce.

    Proffesor in various  Commerce Organizations.

    Proffesor in the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Argentina.

    Author of “Guía PYMEs” ( a guide for small and medium companies) edited by the World Bank Group.

    Expert  and advisor in  “PYMEs”.

    Expert in Management to official and prívate organizations.

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