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Out of Mercosur? What Venezuela‘s suspension actually means

On August 05, 2017, the American trade block Mercosur suspended Venezuela’s membership indefinitely during its meeting in São Paulo. This action is intended to pressure the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro, to restore democracy in the country.

After the controversial election of the constituent assembly and Nicholas Maduro’s targeted arrest of government opposition leaders, Mercosur members decided to extend Venezuela’s suspension from the block.

Mercosur does not intend to sanction trade with Venezuela whatsoever, nor affect the migration policies. Mercosur leaders argued that Venezuelan citizens are already suffering from food shortages and soaring inflation, therefore economic sanctions should be avoided so as to not worsen the humanitarian crises.

This suspension means that Venezuela will be unable to participate in trade meetings and is mainly voiceless within Mercosur.

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Source – Valor  

Source – Reuters 

News by Natasha Briguet 

Edited by Piper Doering 

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