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Peruvian Election

By June 11, 2016June 21st, 2016No Comments

Peruvian Election – Mr. Kuczynski razor-thin victory

Peru’s new president, Mr. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, has defeated Keiko Fujimori by just forty-one thousand out of almost eighteen million Peruvian votes, the difference of only 0,2% demonstrates that Peru’s opinion is deeply divided.

Mr. Kuczynski, a liberal economist, has a vast experience on both international and national field, due to his experience both Peru’s Central Bank and for the World Bank. Mr. Kuczynski has compromised itself to cut taxes, foster the industrial activity and promote a strong job formalization in the country through the enhancement of public activities.

Although, Mr. Kuczynski stated to be committed with maintaining free-market policies, this will not be an easy promise to keep, since Popular Force, a left wing party, won more than 50% of the seats on the Peru’s congressional election. Therefore, his success depends on whether or not he will be able to strike a deal with the Peruvian congress.

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