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Pro-Bono Work

Every six months, Sidera chooses a company to donate our services to. We base this choice on not only the company’s application, but also on their dedication to improving the world we live in. Below are some examples of chosen companies and the work we provided for them.

Aliança Bike

We worked with the Brazilian Government in order to reduce import tariffs on common bicycles, down from 35% to 20%.


How to Apply

To request a partnership with Sidera, your company needs to submit three things;

  • A cover letter
  • An organizational overview
  • A project summary
Cover Letter


Your cover letter should express, in one page, what your organization is and how your partnership with Sidera would be beneficial for you and for society in general.

Organizational Overview


Your organizational overview should go into more detail about who your company is. This should include recent projects, key company members, and your overall mission.

Project Summary


This will be the longest part of your proposal. The project summary should outline how you’d like Sidera to aid your organization. This should include a timeline, proposed cost, and overall goals for the partnership.

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