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by  | Dec 20, 2021 | Duty Changes implemented

ITAC just imposed anti-dumping duties on frozen bone-in chicken. Sigh.

We will present a more comprehensive review of the provisional anti-dumping duties imposed on frozen chicken from Brazil, Denmark, Ireland, Poland and Spain once we review the investigation report from ITAC (government’s internet connection was down last week. Not down enough to prevent the publication through SARS, but down enough so that ITAC was unable to send out the report).

Click here to download the very large and intimidating schedule of duties.

Important highlights are:

  1. ITAC imposed duties on cuts of chicken which are out of the scope of the investigation. I have no idea why, but it happened.
  2. All duty levels are the same for each cut within a country, despite the investigation being initiated on each cut separately. In other words, ITAC decided to investigate each cut in its own right and then decided to consolidate everything to the same duty afterwards.

What is a provisional duty and what happens now?

ITAC raised deficiencies when the importer and exporter submissions were made. Interested parties were given 7 days to respond to these deficiencies. Those who missed the deadline or didn’t provide everything required, will now have 14 days to remedy those deficiencies (3 January 2022, because the public holidays get added to the 14 days).

Extensions can be requested, but don’t have to be provided and of course, ITAC may decide to set a later date. Whatever the case, if this deadline is missed that respondent’s information will be discarded for the final decision. Don’t miss the deadline.

The provisional duty will remain in place for 6 months. If the final duties are not imposed before the 6 months have expired, then the provisional duties will be refundable. If the final duties are imposed before they expire, then they are converted into duties and remain with SARS.

Is there going to be a verification?

We don’t know. There should be, but we live in unusual times, so this is not certain. We will know more when we receive ITAC’s report.

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