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Regulation on Rules of Origin for Brazilian Cachaça

By November 1, 2016November 3rd, 2016No Comments

Brazilian Trademarked Name of “Cachaça”

In order to protect the producers of its most popular distilled sugarcane alcoholic beverage, the Brazilian Government adopted, on November 1, 2016, a regulation on rules of origin  for “cachaça”. From now on, a set of certain rules will have to be followed by the producers of this liquor when using the name of “cachaça”.

The rules of origin ensure products’ quality by requiring registration of their geographical provenance and by limiting the use of the nomenclature strictly to producers from that particular region.

With the adoption of rules of origin, the Brazilian government also aims to protect the country’s cachaça producers from possible copycats in other countries, as the popularity of this liquor rises all over the world. Cachaça’s export capability was uncertain until the trendy cocktail caipirinha became a bestseller in bars across Europe, United States and Japan; thus, the adoption of this regulation is also considered to be a crucial step in raising the profile of this traditional Brazilian sprit on the international markets.

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