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    1. Decreto Legislativo n° 30, de 15.12.94
    Approves the minutes of the Final Uruguay Round at the GATT multilateral trade negotiations, the schedules of concessions of Brazil’s tariffs (List III) and for the service sector, as well as the text of the Plurilateral Agreement on Beef.

    2.  Lei n° 9.019, de 30.03.95, as amended by article 53 of Provisional Measure 2.113/2001.
    Regulates the implementation of duties provided for in the WTO Antidumping Agreement and the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Duties.

    3.   Decreto n° 4.732, de 10.06.03
    Regulates the Brazilian Chamber of Foreign Trade, a Government Council.

    4.   Circular SECEX nº 59, de 28.11.01
    Publicizes the understandings relating to the conduct of trade defense investigations.

    5.  Portaria SECEX n° 09, de 26.01.17
    Modifies Directive SECEX No. 58, dated July 29, 2015 and revokes Directive SECEX No. 03, dated February 7, 2013.

    7.   Lei nº 12.995, de 18.06.14 – Articles 17, 18 and 19
    Regulates the use of electronic means for the submission of files, the incorporation of documents prepared in a foreign language to the case records, and the counting of deadlines in trade defense investigations.

    8.   Resolução CAMEX n° 63, de 17.08.10
    Discipline the extent of antidumping and countervailing measures dealt with in art. 10-A of Law No. 9,019 of 1995. Amended by Resolução CAMEX n° 25, de 05.05.11.

    1.    Acordo Antidumping, as approved by the Legislative Decree 30, dated 15 Dec 94 and promulgated by Decree 1.355, dated 30 Dec 94.
    Regulates the administrative procedures relating to investigations and the application of antidumping measures.

    2.      Lei n° 12.546, de 14.12.11
    Regulates the relationship between trade defense investigations and the non-preferential rules of origin.

    3.      Portaria SECEX n° 34, de 10.09.13
    Regulates the submission of documents to the Department of Trade Remedies (DECOM) under the administrative procedures provided for by Decree 8058, of 2013.

    4.    Portaria SECEX n° 36, de 19.09.13
    Decides that Price Undertaking Offers filed by producers/exporters in antidumping investigations shall observe the provisions set forth in this Ordinance (Rectification published on the Official Gazette on July 3, 2014).

    5.    Portaria SECEX n° 37, de 19.09.13
    Decides that Scope Evaluation petitions, mentioned in art. 147 of Decree No. 8,058, 2013, should be drafted in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance.

    6.      Portaria SECEX n° 41, de 11.10.13
    Regulates the information required for the preparation of petitions relating to antidumping investigations, according to art. 39 of Decree No. 8,058, July 26, 2013.

    7.    Portaria SECEX nº 44, de 29.10.13
    Regulates the information required for the preparation of petitions relating to Sunset reviews, according to art. 106 of Decree No. 8,058, dated July 26, 2013.

    8.      Portaria SECEX nº 42, de 17.10.13
    Regulates the information required for the preparation of petitions for anti-circumvention reviews, according to art. 79 of Decree No. 8,058, dated July 26, 2013.

    9.    Portaria SECEX n° 42, de 14.09.16 
    Provides scope assessment procedure.

    9.   Portaria SECEX nº 58, de 29.07.15
    Provides for the electronic administrative procedure relating to antidumping investigations, under Decree No. 8058, dated July 26, 2013.

    1. Acordo sobre Subsídios e Medidas Compensatórias
    As approved by Legislative Decree 30, 15.12.94 and promulgated by Decree 1355, of 30 Dec 94

    2. Decreto n° 1.751, DE 19.12.95
    Regulates the rules governing administrative procedures relating to the imposition of compensatory measures.

    3. Circular SECEX n° 20, de 02.04.96
    Roadmap for the preparation of petitions concerning subsidies.

    4. Resolução CAMEX n° 63, de 17.08.10
    Regulates the extension of compensatory measures contemplated in art. 10 of Law 9019, of 1995. Amended by Resolução CAMEX n° 25, de 05.05.11..

    5.    Portaria SECEX n° 21, de 18.10.10
    Regulates the procedures governing Anti-circumvention Reviews. Amended by Portaria SECEX n° 14, de 13.05.11.

    1.    Acordo sobre Salvaguardas
    As approved by Legislative Decree 30, dated 15 Dec 1994 and promulgated by Decree 1355, 30 Dec 1994.

    2.    Decreto n° 1.488, de 11.05.95
    Regulates the rules governing administrative procedures relating to the application of safeguard measures.

    3.    Decreto n° 1.936, de 20.06.96
    Alters provisions of Decree 1,488, dated 11 May 95, defining that safeguard measures shall be applied as an addition to the import tax.

    4.    Decreto n° 2.667, de 10.07.98
    Adopts provisions concerning the performance of the 19th additional protocol to the Agreement of Economic Complementation 18, among Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, dated December 17, 1997.

    5.    Circular SECEX nº 19, de 02.04.96
    Roadmap for drafting petitions concerning the imposition of safeguard measures.

    1.   Resolução CAMEX nº 13, de 29.02.12
    Establishes the Public Interest Group – GTIP, with the purpose of analyzing the suspension or amendment of definitive anti-dumping and compensatory measures, as well as the non-application of antidumping and compensatory measures, for reasons of public interest.

    2.  Resolução CAMEX n° 29, de 11.04.17 
    Regulates, under the technical group for Public Interest Assessment (GTIP), administrative procedures for the analysis of applications.

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