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Available TI² Reports:


Whether it’s soybeans, beef, or coffee, regulations on food exports ⁄ imports are constantly changing. This report is perfect for those looking to stay on top of developments in agriculture.

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This report will cover customs duties and state aid relating to Brazil. With trade laws always changing throughout the world, this report will provide you with accurate and relevant information on current Bills of Law or other regulations with international trade.

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FDI Intelligence

Stay up to date with Foreign Direct Investments in Brazil. As a growing economy, it is common for foreign investors to find inspiring companies in Brazil. Any interesting or important updates will be reported weekly.

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Govt. Policy

This report will keep you up to date with Brazilian laws concering government contracts. The main focus for the report will be law that regulates government procurement and any requirements you must follow.

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The medical sector is one of the fastest growing markets in South America. Stay up-to-date on rapidly changing legislation and investments with our customized health report.

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IP Insights

Interested in receiving reports concerning intelectual property rights and laws in Brazil? This report will keep you up-to-date on any new developments that may be important to your investments.

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S&T Regulations

This report on standards and tech regulations includes both sanitary and phytosanitary measures relevant to Brazil. These mandatory and voluntary measures can have a huge impact on investments.

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Tax Trends

If you need to stay up to date on taxes and exemptions this is the report for you! We will cover any new laws, regulations, or policies regarding government taxes for businesses or sectors as well as individuals.

Example Report

Trade Balance

Trade balances are an important economic indicator for investors to determine the health of Brazil’s economy. Use this report to stay up-to-date with the trade deficit in Brazil and be the first to know about any shifts or policies that will make a difference.

Example Report

Other Topics

Often times we will write reports on additional topics that we find interesting and believe are important market insight. Such topics will likely be added to our weekly list as we continue to expand our service, but for now, enjoy the other topics section.

Example Report

TI² Weekly Report

Every Monday, our trade experts prepare reports on various topics such as trade/budget balance, customs duties, government policies, taxes, agribusiness, healthcare, and various others. These reports among others will all be available on our TI² Database where an archive of past and current reports are restricted to Gold and Platinum members. The TI² Weekly Report can be emailed directly to you as well if you wish to opt in. The email will provide a single report for all of the provided topics combined in an easy to follow PDF. Contact us below for an example report!



Interested in receiving reports for an area we don’t have listed here? We might be able to help! In most cases, our experts can tailor make a custom report to fit your needs. Contact us below with your proposed market sector and we will get back to you with pricing and availability shortly.


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For Individuals

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Up to 10 Users

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Up to 50 Users

$250/month or $2,500/year

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Over 50 Users

$500/month or $5,000/year

Save $1,000 by signing up for a year contract!

Gold and Platinum subscriptions include access to our TI² report database for an archive of every past and any future reports. This page is updated every Monday with a new report from each topic. Additionally, you will receive a weekly email with an overview of the week’s reports.

If you want more information about TI² contact us below:

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Individual Report Subscriptions

Only interested in one of our many available reports? for only $10 a month, you can receive a weekly email of any one of our reports listed. Pick your report from the list below to complete the payment process and opt in for a weekly email.

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