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Ricardo Rossi

Ricardo Rossi is a Mechanical Engineer, with an MBA in International Business Management and a specialization in Corporate Law.

His extensive experience has provided for an impressive career, having worked in different sectors of the industry, leading complex projects for prominent global companies in fields such as environmental control, regulatory work on air quality improvement and global-warming-reduction endeavors. Furthermore, Ricardo has provided valuable contributions to engineering projects for the naval industry, subsea oil extraction and hydroelectric plants and wind generators. Specifically for the Aerospace industry, Rossi worked on the development, maintenance and improvement of the cargo and air passenger transportation system.

Ricardo has, for a long time, been an enthusiast and an active proponent of sound and sustainable innovation practices. He observes such beliefs in both his personal and professional life. More recently and with his support, various companies in the electric mobility sector have been able to develop into national references for prosperous and sustainable businesses. His unique contribution to several electric mobility-related industry associations reinforced substantial growth and regulatory improvement.

At Sidera Consult, Ricardo is continuously implementing his wealth of knowledge into Mobility and Technology projects as a Senior Consultant.

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