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Simnikiwe Nathi Ngelanga

Simnikiwe is a Business Management, Accounting and Internal Auditing major at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Currently, in his final year of his bachelor’s, Simnikiwe has decided to increase his business knowledge into international trade.

He has a wide variety of interests, mostly centred around growing small businesses and brands, which reflect the local community and the interests of the public at large. Growing up in a country where there is a lack of financial knowledge, his choice of field is highly motivated by trying to source the necessary skills to build the world around him.

Outside of academics, he has worked with his mother and brother in a family business, is currently working on youth and skills building projects with a group of friends, and is interested in infrastructure development for the African continent. During his time at Sidera Simnikiwe will lend a hand on pro-bono projects for the local community conducted by the firm.

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