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Lasher Tools requested an anti-dumping duty to be imposed on “spades and shovels of a maximum blade width of more that 150mm but, not exceeding 200mm originating in or imported from the People’s Republic of China. Also, spades and shovels of a maximum blade width of more than 150mm but, not exceeding 320mm, picks other rakes (excluding those with more than 8 prongs) and other forks, with a prong length exceeding 150mm originating in or imported from India“. There is currently a normal duty of 20% on these products from India and China, so any anti-dumping duties would be added onto these normal duties.

Imported products from India under the investigation are classifiable under the tariff subheadings 8201.10.05; 8201.10.10; 8201.30.03; 8201.30.90; 8201.90.20.  While the product under investigation from China is classifiable under tariff subheading 8201.10.05.

The investigation period is from 01 May 2020 to 30 April 2021. The period of investigation for purposes of determining the material injury is from 01 May 2018 to 30 April 2021.

Interested parties have until 21 November 2021 to respond.

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