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No Preliminary Safeguard Duties Imposed on Cold-Rolled Steel

International Trade Administration Comission of South Africa (ITAC) took a decision to impose no preliminary safeguard duties on cold-rolled steel, primarily because there are public interest concerns. Here are some important dates you need to diarise:

  • interested parties have until November, 18 2016 to comment on the preliminary decision;
  • the public hearing will be held on November, 29 2016;
  • if you wish to attend the public hearing, you need to notify ITAC by November,18 2016 of your desire to attend the hearings;
  • f you wish to present at the public hearing, you need to send your presentation material to ITAC by November, 25 2016.

If you require assistance with responding to the preliminary decision or would like to work with us on your public hearing, please drop us an e-mail on

More detailed information will be provided about this decision next week, after we have studied the Commission report.

Published by XA International

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