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Sunset Review: LWC Paper from Germany, Belgium, Canada, the US, Finland and Sweden

By April 20, 2017April 24th, 2017No Comments

Brazil Opens Sunset Review on Revision of Antidumping Oder against Imports of LWC Paper from Germany, Belgium, Canada, the United States, Finland and Sweden

Through Notice Circular Secex 19, published in the National Gazette today, on April 18, 2017, the Brazilian government initiated the first antidumping sunset review over imports of light-weighted coated paper originating from Germany, Belgium, Canada, the United States, Finland and Sweden, classified in the sub-item 4810.22. 90 of the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM).

Despite the low rates in the original petition, and the collaboration of many respondents, the original case resulted in high duties against all exporters. The antidumping duties imposed on April 19, 2012 were as follows:


Producer/Exporter Antidumping Duty (US$/t) Relative Dumping Margin
USA Evergreen Packaging Inc. 179,69 30,1%
Others 473,76 79,3%.
Finland UPM-Kymmene Corporation 133,74
Stora Enso Oy 133,74
Sappi Finland I Oy 133,74
Others 595,29 95,0%
Germany Stora Enso Kabel GmbH 106,77 11,1%
Norske Skog Walsum GmbH 45,94 5,7%
Others 106,77 11,1%
Belgium Sappi Lanaken N.V 96,96 12,4%
Others 96,96 12,4%
Sweden All 133,74 16,3%
Canada All 153,28


LWC paper is used mostly in popular magazines. Publishers tried to initiate a case for public interest allegations, but the case was ultimately not approved for the lack of the facts and figures of the sector, required for this type of impact analysis.

Questionnaires and formal deadlines will be released this week. For more information regarding this case, please contact Sidera’s team.

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