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Brazil is a large producer of agricultural products, a lot of which can be used for a number of agricultural business ventures. Locally producers of products may find it difficult to compete with international brands and manufactures but may find merit in adding value to a supply chain looking to source locally produced goods. The renewable energy sector in Brazil supplies 76% of the country’s power supply, this indicates a big concern for sustainability and large scale distribution of resources . Internationally the ‘Green Economy’ is growing and it is growing faster locally with 184 registered companies; Sustainability and clean business is gaining ground and Brazil’s seems the perfect breeding ground for opportunity.

Currently the country lies in recession, high unemployment and GDP contractions that haven’t been seen in decades. Many countries in the region, including Brazil , have decided to implement changes that would see their business practices and those of foreign invest change for the better. What can be considered a clamp down on corruption and environmentally hazardous business practices has become the order of the day; Associations like B Corp offer a solution to companies seeking to grow the Green economy global market . Government initiatives to stimulate local trade may be in need of such innovation, with several multinationals eager to create a competitive supply chain, maybe Brazil could be the perfect location to source the raw materials they need.

B Corp is an association which provides certification based on sustainability, environmental conservation and social justice in order to promote the various social issues that have been ignored by major corporations for years in the name of profit. Brazil has 184 certified companies and the number is speculated to grow, mostly small- medium sized companies these enterprises may in the future serve as an access point into the local market or the international one. With a number of economic blocs in the developed world looking to invest in clean business and energy, there are a lot of intellectual property opportunities as well as franchising partnerships for certified companies going forward. The change is not solely isolated to the association, although a great source for tracking potential investments, but also through independent companies looking to improve their circumstances and create economic growth.

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