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Meet the Team

Our team works wonders


Prof. Roland Saldanha

Industrial Economics, Partner

Carolina Ures

WTO Trade, Partner

Mariana Chacoff

Trade Economics, Partner

Rafael Ferrão

Government Interface, Partner

Diego Ures

Trade & Investment, Partner

Jae Hoon Yi

Foreign Trade & Korean Desk


Angélica Peña

Consultant, Colombia

Angelica Delgado

International Cooperation, Colombia

Valentina Tabares

Market Access, Colombia



Tomas Cwierz


Karina Russo

Trade Law

Mario Donzelli


European Desk:

Mauro Mantica

Italy, Investment

Veronica Ottobrino

Intern, Italy

South Africa:

Donald MacKay

Trade & Customs

Christo Theron

Associate Director

Pieter du Plessis

Associate Director

Gustav Brink

Associate Director

Eugene Marais

Associate Consultant

Taapano Paradza

Associate Consultant

External Associates:

Hernany Veytia

Consultant, U.K.

Miao Naichuan

M&A and Investment, China

Tatiana Palermo

Public Policies, Washington, DC

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