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He confides in an interview conducted by Britcham with Juliano Costa , Vice-President of Produtos Educacionais for Latin America by Pearson, about “Technology, Pedagogical Practices and Training in 2021” in conversation moderated by  Carolina Saldanha-Ures , President of Britcham in São Paulo.

Juliano and Bachelor of History from the Federal University of Alagoas (2000). Specialist in Docência para o Ensino Superior, História do Brasil e Mestre em Educação Brasileira pela UFAL (2006). Atuou as professor of History and Philosophy in Basic Education and as professor of Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology and History (Geopolitics and Contemporary History) not Ensino Superior. Foi School Coordinator, Pedagogical Consultant and National Pedagogical Manager of the Ensino COC System. Atuou as National Manager of Pedagogical Consulting for Pearson Basic Education, Pedagogical Director, Vice-President of Education in Brazil and currently VP of Pearson Educational Products for Latin America. “

In our interview, we address:

  • Descrição da atuação do Brasil, em linhas gerais, does not combat the problems faced or educational environment during the 2020 pandemic.
  • Possible impacts of the pandemic for education in Brazil.
  • Prospects for education and technology in a post-pandemic center.
  • The socio emotional aspects that are being relevant this time.
  • New skills and competitions originating from this pandemic moment.
  • Comparison of the Brazilian educational center with other countries and how they are assembled or different.
  • Higher valorization of teacher, school or general education.

To attend, just enter or follow link:

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