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By Donald MacKay | Jan 2, 2022

Ventura Coastal LLC, an American fruit juice producer, has filed an anti-dumping application lemon juice from South Africa and Brazil. The application was filed with the International Trade Commission (the US equivalent of ITAC in South Africa) on 29 December 2021.

Ventura Coastal has requested a 128.61% anti-dumping duty against exports of lemon juice from South Africa and a heart-stopping 555.22% against Brazil.

South African exports of lemon juice have been growing at a brisk pace, up 61% from 2018 to 2021, so this would be a painful loss for our lemon industry.

The investigation has not yet initiated, but this will likely happen in the next few weeks.

Anti-dumping cases are about time more than anything else, so if you export lemon juice to the USA, and consider this market to be important, then you need to drop us an email at, so we can discuss how this very serious problem should be approached.

The USA is our largest market and it will not be easy to find a replacement for R165m worth of lemon juice. If dumping is found in the USA, and duties are imposed, the excess volumes will move to the smaller markets, further suppressing the prices and increasing the probability of anti-dumping actions in those markets.

These are the difficult problems we like to solve. Please contact us on or for more information.

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