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WTO Foresees a Moderated Trade Growth

The World Trade Organization (WTO) evaluated the growth rhythm of the global trade, and concluded that trade growth may have already peaked this year. The World Trade Outlook Indicator (WTOI) of the WTO provides information on the trajectory of world trade relative to recent trends.

The recently published WTOI indicated that export orders have plateaued, suggesting that upward momentum in trade growth may have peaked, If so, trade growth would be expected to moderate toward the end of the year.

On the other side, recent data on global economy demonstrate a possible improvement for the second semester, the expectation is that the rhythm of trade expansion continues to increase rapidly for the next two years.

Most of the uncertainty regarding the growth rate of the international trade are caused by the political uncertainty that is currently affecting the world. The solution to not let global trade decrease its grown rhythm, according to Mr. Azevedo, WTO president, is to continue to foster global trade system, by introducing new reforms that can oppose the imposition of barriers to trade.

Source – WTO 

Source – Valor 

Source – G1 

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