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Yes. Another proposed change to the South African preferential price preference system (pps) on scrap metal

By September 7, 2021September 8th, 2021No Comments

by Donald MacKay | Sep 7, 2021

On 1 August 2021, Minister Patel extended PPS for another 2 years, on top of adding export duties on scrap metal. PPS is a forced discount when selling scrap metal locally.

Now, just a month later, ITAC wants to increase the size of the discount for PPS (sigh) before you can get an export permit issued.

If you don’t participate in PPS, you can’t obtain an export permit. When you get an export permit, after no one wants to buy your product locally, you now also pay an export duty. The export duty adds an additional cost of around R300m per annum to the recycling industry.


Bothered by this proposed amendment and wish to have your say? You have until 17 September 2021 to comment.

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