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"At Sidera Consult, Carolina Saldanha-Ures is one of the go-to lawyers for tariff and non-tariff barrier issues with sources further praising her well-considered, solutions-oriented advice and deep understanding of international trade law and policy."

Who's Who LegalBrazil: Trade & Customs 2016

“I worked with Carolina on challenging cases related to barriers on import of commodities and defense of the domestic market, in which we were able to rely on her experience, knowledge and dedication. Her involvement and expertise of the subject allowed us to have information that advanced and lead our actions in the right direction. She made a great difference in the success of the operation.”

Renata HondaMarketing Manager - International Copper Association, Latin America

“Mariana’s work for us made a complex process seem simple. Efficient and always available, her professionalism resulted in the best outcome possible. If that weren’t enough, Mariana is polite, engaging and just fun to be around!”

André Coraça Controller at Bombardier Transportation

"I believe that Sidera Consult has a well prepared, technical, experienced and skilful team of professionals. They are trustworthy and have a great entry in all governmental instances in which they operate."

Marcelo MacielPresident - Aliança Bike

"Carolina was engaged to provide us with a legal-strategic opinion on market-access of specific commodities (agricultural products) from Brazil to Chile, the other Mercosur countries and the United States, as well as a thorough analysis of the applicable trade barriers.

Carolina is one of the most exceptional lawyers I have ever had to deal with. Her dynamic vision, skills, proactive and charismatic personality makes her a remarkable professional to work with. Furthermore, she has the ability to think outside of the box providing original and highly effective solutions about international trade matters. She is an outstanding client-focused lawyer."

Karl DahlgreenCEO - Bamboo Ventures

"Carolina Saldanha assisted us in our efforts to defend the Russian industry in two trade remedies investigations in Brazil.

Here are my two cents and my impressions about Carolina and her work.
Carolina is able to put together in her work the clarity and objectivity needed for any project. Her knowledge and expertise provides clients with a safe heaven in an area where the unknown is the normal practice. Her clear mind is able to translate complex legal issues in simple terms that have the greatest positive impact in the everyday business world. That is due to her unique qualification where she combines integrity with the highest quality of work while passionately standing for the best interest of her clients."

Anton DedusenkoDirector of Department of Infrastructure Projects of Rosatom Energy International

"Carolina's expertise in foreign trade was invaluable. Coupled with her ability to understand business transactions, she was able to deal with legal matters in a very efficient manner."

Ron LegerVice President of Finance at Master Packaging Inc.

Carolina is one of the most dynamic, skilled, proactive and charismatic professionals I've ever met. Her ability to think new solutions about international trade matters is remarkable. She is an outstanding client-focused lawyer.

Breno VasconcelosPartner - Mannrich, Senra e Vasconcelos Advogados

“Mariana is both: a professional and a warm person. She is task and all project details oriented.”

Gabriel PołącarzCategory Lead Buyer

“Mariana is a very competent and focused professional. With a strong knowledge in international trade strategy, she was a key person in the partnership developed during a project of tariff reduction, called “Ex Tarifário” for railway equipment. She achieved a high negotiation performance with the Brazilian government and helped the company to increase savings and boost up the profit margin for a specific project."

Marília PradoFormer International Trade Analyst at Rimowa

Rafael is an exceptional professional in his field. He executes his ideas well, and is highly skilled in analysis, which is he mark of a highly experienced consultant. A professional whom you can count on whenever needed.

Juliana AmorimCreative Director at Boduchinhos

Rafael Fernandes de Castro Abrantes Ferrão is a person I have known to be: professional, competent, exacting and responsible in his duties as Head of Service in the Department of Trade Defense in the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade. Throughout the period in which he was in this position, his personal and professional conduct was irreproachable. I highly recommend his professional services.

Mariluce de Almeida Pagano

Rafael has the highest level of commitment to his work and is a great colleague.

José Carlos Cavalcanti de Araújo FilhoForeign Trade Analyst at the Ministry of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade
October 27, 2021

Duty increase requested in South Africa on biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP)

On 22 October 2021 SFR Flexipak applied for a duty increase on BOPP, classifiable under…
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Alleged dumping of laminated safety glass from China into South Africa

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October 27, 2021

South African Anti-dumping investigation on spades and shovels from China and India as well as Picks, rakes and forks from India

Lasher Tools requested an anti-dumping duty to be imposed on “spades and shovels of a maximum…
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October 24, 2021

South African Request for the Creation of a temporary rebate for bulk white chocolate

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Yes. Another proposed change to the South African preferential price preference system (pps) on scrap metal

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Tales of Sesame Street

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South Africa proposes creation of a temporary import rebate for air conditioners

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August 22, 2021

Provisional payment implemented on South African non-wired glass imported or originating in Malaysia

By Anneke Jansen van Vuuren | Aug 22, 2021    On 20 August 2021, SARS implemented a 25.31%…
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